How To Relieve A Pinched Nerve: 5 Things You Can Do?


A pinched nerve happens when a single or a group of nerves gets damaged due to excess pressure by all surrounding tissues like discs, cartilage, bone, muscles, or tendons. It is a painful condition that mainly occurs in the shoulders, neck, elbow, wrists, or lower back. If you’re experiencing mild to moderate symptoms and looking for solutions that provide instant relief, we have you covered! 

In this article, we will highlight the top ways you can relieve a pinched nerve. If these solutions do not work, visit Roswell pinched nerve specialists, who will examine you and suggest tailored treatment options. Let’s dive in!  

5 Ways To Get Pinched Nerve Relief

1. Adjust Your Posture  

Sitting and lying in the wrong posture is one of the common causes of pinched nerves. Practicing seated in a particular posture provides pain relief. For example, if you’re experiencing a pinched nerve in your lower back or neck, consider laying into a fetal position to avoid excess neck pressure. Experiment with various postures until you find the one that provides maximum comfort. 

2. Rest And Sleep 

If you’re suffering from a pinched nerve, the best way to get relief is by resting and sleeping in the right posture as much as possible. Sleep is crucial for healing the affected nerve as the human body tends to recover and repair itself while sleeping. Additionally, rest from exertional activities like workouts, training, swimming, and others that can cause inflammation. 

3. Apply Ice And Heat Packs 

Ice and heat packs are another excellent way to relieve a pinched nerve. If your pain is fresh, ice it for 15 minutes and wait 30-40 minutes before icing it again. It tends to reduce the inflammation and soothes the pain. On the other hand, apply heating pads to relax the pinched nerve. 

4. Elevate Your Legs  

If the pinched nerve is in your lower back, lay down on your back with your legs in the 90-degree position. It allows the blood to flow, ultimately providing pain relief. 

5. Pain-relieving Medications 

If you’re having intense pain, pain relieving medications are the best solution. There are several anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen available that you can take. Ensure you get in touch with your health expert before taking any medications. 

Wrapping Up!

A pinched nerve is a common condition that causes pain and a burning and tingling sensation in the affected region. Following these 5 things can relieve you from pinched nerves at home. We hope this article helped you understand about relieving a pinched nerve. 

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