I am Struggling To Keep My Smile Aligned Post Treatment; What Can Be Done? 


After undergoing an orthodontic treatment, it is very disheartening to notice changes in the alignment. Once you have achieved a beautiful smile, it’s difficult to see it as unaligned. This could have happened if your orthodontist was not careful during the treatment. But there are also various other reasons why this might happen. 

As you age, your teeth will naturally shift and move. These changes are minor and might not be noticeable to others. These changes happen in the alignment of the teeth even after your orthodontic treatment. It is important to wear retainers after the orthodontic treatment to maintain the alignment of your teeth. If you fail to wear the retailers as recommended, there are good chances of misalignment. To learn about it more, visit dr. anna munné houston

Why Can My Smile Shift After The Treatment? 

Orthodontic treatment will involve the use of braces, aligners, and other tools to straighten the teeth.  Even after this treatment, your teeth can still shift after some time. This is because the teeth are not set properly and can respond to various factors. Natural growth refers to the changes that will occur in the jaw and facial bones as you age. When these changes take place, chances are that your jaw might be affected. This will, in turn, cause the alignment of teeth, and your smile will be affected. 

Changes in the bite can also occur to you as a factor, such as to class and diseases. This is also one of the factors why teeth might shift out of alignment. Even after orthodontic treatment, your teeth can shift over time because of natural growth, changes in bite, or not wearing retainers. Maintaining good oral hygiene and following up with your orthodontist regularly is important. This will help you to keep your teeth in optimal position. 

What Is The Solution For It? 

When you are experiencing difficulties in keeping your smile aligned after orthodontic treatment, there are a few immediate solutions you should work on. It is important to work with your orthodontics closely to find solutions. One common solution is to wear retainers. Speak with your orthodontist first. You must stay proactive about your oral health.

Maintaining good oral health and visiting your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings is important. If you are still facing difficulties in keeping your smile aligned, you should consider additional treatments or adjustments. Your orthodontist is the right person to provide you with a personalized solution based on your situation. Remember that regaining and maintaining a strong smile after an orthodontic treatment requires dedication and consistency. 

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