Who Are Orthodontists, and What Treatments Are Done by Them?


Orthodontics is one of the specializations of dentistry. The word orthodontics is made up of orthos and ‘dontics.’ Orthos refer to straightness, and ‘dontics’ refer to teeth. 

Orthodontists treat misalignment of teeth and jaws. They are professionals who have acquired extra training and education in dental school for specializing in orthodontics. An Antigo cosmetic dentist assists in the prevention, diagnosis, and correction of tooth imperfections like underbite, crossbite, overbite, etc. 

Additionally, they help in improving the bite and alignment of the teeth so that their functional abilities, like Julie and speaking, can be utilized effectively. 

 Benefits of orthodontics 

Teeth alignment plays a crucial role in improving a person’s speaking, biting, and chewing habits. Having straight teeth without any imperfections increases the confidence of the individual. It also facilitates the process of cleaning the teeth and ultimately reduces the risk of dental issues due to bacterial growth. As a result, cavities and decay are prevented. 

Issues Fixed By Orthodontists 

An orthodontist helps cure various problems involving misalignment of teeth and jaw. The issues are as follows.

  • Underbite: This is the condition when the lower jaw is in front of the upper jaw while closing the mouth. 
  • Overbite: This is the condition when the Upper jaw is in front of the lower jaw while closing the mouth. 
  • Crossbite: This is a unique type of tooth issue in which some teeth of the upper arch are in the front while some are behind the teeth of the lower arch while closing the mouth. 
  • Open bite: In such conditions, spaces can be found in the middle of the front teeth of the upper and lower arch while biting down. 
  • Overcrowding: Too many teeth are present in the mouth, which affects the overall aesthetic. 
  • Spacing: It involves the provision of spaces between the teeth. 

These issues can be cured after consulting with orthodontists. They help diagnose the issues and curate the correct treatment plan for the patient.  Orthodontists use x-rays for the assessment of teeth. 

Equipment used in orthodontic treatments 

Orthodontists use various kinds of tools for treating orthodontic issues. The equipment helps shift the teeth in a suitable position by applying slow and steady pressure on the jaw. The muscles are retrained with the help of equipment like braces, dental space maintainers, aligners, splints, and retainers. 

It is vital to consult your dental health provider before undergoing any treatment. They can provide a detailed assessment and tell you the type of treatment needed for your specific issues.

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