How Can You Fix Buck Teeth?


Often known as protruding, buck teeth are a common dental issue. Most people with protruding teeth wish to have them fixed for aesthetic or medical reasons. The good news is that metal braces are not always necessary to correct the issue, and you can use clear aligners in Coconut Creek instead.

However, before we look at how buck teeth might be treated, let us quickly review the typical causes of the issue and the health benefits of having them rectified.

What are the causes?

  • Thumb sucking as a youngster is a common cause of adult protruding teeth. Sadly, this typical childhood behavior can have enduring effects!
  • Young children do not typically have an issue with thumb-sucking or dummies because their milk teeth will fall out soon. However, a thumb-sucking habit can force a child’s permanent teeth to grow out rather than down as they begin to erupt.
  • You could still have crooked teeth even if you did not suck your thumb. Some people have lower jaws that press the teeth forward due to their shape or placement.
  • Excessive crowding and having teeth that are larger than average are additional factors. Your teeth may seem to protrude if they are too big for your mouth. Likewise, having too many teeth can cause the front teeth to protrude.
  • In extreme circumstances, only metal braces or headgear can straighten projecting teeth. Clear aligners can treat minor issues with them.

Problems that you face due to buck teeth:

  • Even though the majority of individuals straighten their protruding teeth for aesthetic purposes, there are various health benefits to considering treatment.
  • The very first explanation relates to chewing. Effective chewing impacts your overall health since chewing is the primary stage in the digestive process. You need an excellent bite to break down food with your teeth. Protruding front teeth can still affect your eating ability, even if your rear teeth affect chewing more than your front teeth do.
  • Speaking may be impacted by protruding teeth. Protruding teeth can influence your capacity to enunciate some words because of how the tongue and lips work to make sounds.
  • Lastly, teeth protruding are more likely to be knocked out or injured. Jutting out teeth pose a danger of injury to your mouth and jaw, mainly if you participate in contact sports.

How can you fix your teeth without metallic braces?

Numerous malocclusions can be fixed with invisible braces. Dentists call a misalignment seen between the top and bottom dental domes malocclusion, which can cause problems like projecting teeth, among many other things.

Clear aligners can be used to treat protruding teeth in mild to moderate situations. Clear aligners can either advance the lower teeth or provide more room for the upper teeth to slide backward in moderate cases where the projection is up to 2mm.

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