Foods and Drinks to Be Conscious of While Wearing Invisalign Aligners


Invisalign is an aligner orthodontists use to straighten the patient’s teeth. They have gained popularity recently as an alternative to braces. Traditional braces contain brackets and wires that can break easily. If you have traditional braces, there are many foods that you should avoid. Whereas Invisalign aligners are completely removable, you can enjoy your favorite foods.

Sometimes, patients do not remove the Invisalign aligner while eating snacks. The transparent resin that makes the Invisalign aligners undetectable can become stained and discolored if patients eat food while wearing them. If you detect problems while wearing Invisalign aligners, you should contact an emergency dentist in Glenview.

Foods and drinks to be conscious of while wearing Invisalign aligners

In general, you do not have to eliminate any foods if you take out your aligners beforehand. Also, certain foods can change how your aligners fit, extending the length of your treatment. 

  • Chewy and sticky foods

Chewy and sticky foods like candies are a big no for braces because they stick on brackets and wires. But what about Invisalign aligners?

When you eat sticky food, they act onto teeth and the gumline. If you do not wash your mouth properly and wear the aligner on your teeth, the food particles and bacteria will get trapped inside, creating a tight seal. You should always brush your teeth after eating any sticky or chewy food to protect your teeth. 

  • Hard or crunchy foods

Invisalign cannot bear chewing pressure because trays can get damaged if you wear them while eating. Hard and crunchy foods can cause severe damage. 

Eating with aligners is not a good idea, and your dentist will tell you to avoid crunchy foods if you have attachments. Attachments are bumps that are put on teeth during Invisalign treatment that act as anchors. Food like pizza crusts, nuts, and even apples can knock the attachments off. 

  • Foods and drinks that cause staining

You should know which foods and beverages can stain your teeth as well as aligners. The pearly white teeth and the clear aligner can become stained if cola, red wine, and coffee are consumed often. 

Obviously, it will not change the tray’s effectiveness in straightening, but the Invisalign aligners will be visible much more. Clear trays are most important for a bright and white smile.

If you cannot give up on wine or coffee, you can also get your teeth whitened after the treatment is complete.

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