Early Obstetrics: All The Care That Your Baby Needs


Prenatal care can prevent several childbirth-related complications and help prospective parents make informed decisions. Moreover, if fetal abnormalities are detected early that is during the first trimester of gestation suitable measures can be taken to ensure that threats to life and other complexities are minimized.

In Oregon, almost five infants out of every thousand that are born each year die due to gestational complications or lack of proper care. Gresham is Oregon’s fourth largest city, and early obstetrics care can greatly improve child mortality rates. Hence, prenatal care and early obstetrics Gresham based clinics can do wonders when it comes to improving child mortality statistics in Oregon.

Why Early Obstetrics Care Is Essential For All Expecting Mothers

Early ultrasound scans and health checkups can spot developmental abnormalities in a growing child. Hence, early obstetrics care plays a major role in lowering infant mortality rates by spotting developmental issues at the prenatal stage. Here are some of the ways in which early obstetrics care can help. 

Resolving Pregnancy Related Doubts

Many first-time mothers have doubts about the different stages of pregnancy and the complications at each stage. Several issues like weight gain, swelling of the feet, high blood pressure, and gestational diabetes crop during pregnancy. Hence, consultation with a doctor and a round of discussion can alleviate a lot of concerns that young and new mothers have.

Evaluating The Baby’s Health

Ultrasound scans carried out at different gestational periods are useful in revealing different types of issues that a growing child may suffer from. Scans done within the first five or six weeks of pregnancy can detect the heartbeat of the growing embryo. 

Ultrasound scans that are done during the first twelve weeks can detect the number of amniotic sacs (the presence of twins), the position of the embryo, and also the yolk sac. Early scans are also useful in determining the expected date of childbirth.

Categorizing High-Risk Pregnancies

High-risk pregnancies require special care and attention all through the period of gestation. If the mother or the developing child has issues that might prove to be fatal in the long run early detection and treatment of those issues is essential. Good obstetrics care reduces the risks associated with a complicated pregnancy, and in the long term, it saves many lives.


In many parts of the world, women or people belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community are unable to get adequate early obstetrics care and consultation during the prenatal development of a baby. However, there is no denying that prenatal diagnostics are very helpful, and affordable centers that provide such facilities at affordable rates should be encouraged.

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