Why has chest pain become common among young people?


Once restricted to the older generation, the cardiac disease has become common among the younger population. While medical professionals are yet to find conclusive answers for the same, we have tried to decode a few factors that can lead to cardiac arrest among young people.

A heart attack occurs when a blockage is formed within the arteries, which restricts the blood flow to the heart and stops pumping blood to other body parts. It could be due to fatty deposits, high cholesterol levels, infection in coronary arteries, etc. in such cases, immediate medical attention from a chest specialist in Jammu is required.

What are the causes of heart attacks among young people?

Cardiovascular diseases have been there for eons. It is not something new, but now the disease targets the younger generation too, which is alarming. Here, we have listed the reasons that can lead to it.

No medical tests are done before you start weight training

People start hitting the gym without doing any pre-medical cardiac health checkups, and then during weight training or on the treadmill, when the pressure increases on the heart, they fall flat. Some youngsters even consume medications to build a strong body which is not good for the heart, thus leading to arrhythmia.

Increased cholesterol levels

If a person in his 20s starts developing blockages because of cholesterol and genetic factors, it can lead to heart attack and blood clots.

Biological infections

Other biological infections can also increase blockages and thus leading to clots and heart attacks.

Not consuming the proper diet

Proper diet and exercise should be a part of a healthy lifestyle. It can curb cardiovascular disease and lower the risk of developing diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, etc. Routine exercise and a well-nourished diet keep all the illnesses at bay.

Mental stress

Another factor that triggers cardiac attacks among the younger generation is mental stress and anxiety. Studies pinpoint that high cortisol levels inside the body can make people prone to bad cholesterol, blood sugar, and hypertension, thus leading to a heart attack. 

Other damaging factors that contribute to the  risk of cardiovascular disease

Young people face a lot of stress in their daily lives, like performing well in the organization, stress related to urbanization that leads to unhealthy eating habits, smoking, and patterns that damage their hearts.

How to nip the evil in the bud? 

The best solution is to visit a chest specialist in Jammu for periodic health checkups. Doctors also recommend changing your lifestyle habits, like reducing sugar consumption, monitoring your lipids, and stopping living a sedentary lifestyle. 


Cardiovascular disease has now stopped differentiating and it can occur at any age. Even the younger generation has become vulnerable to this disease. So, step up and take preventive measures, and don’t forget to go for periodical health checkups. It will keep the bout of infection in control and let you stay healthy and happy. For an appointment, visit our website.

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