What are the Types of CFO Dashboards? 


What Is a CFO Dashboard?

A company’s financial health may be arranged, analyzed, and shared with ease using the user-friendly tools offered by the CFO services in Smyrna, GA, including a financial dashboard that also collects financial KPIs. A CFO dashboard’s main functions are to give quick access to important information and an interactive workspace for finding insights that can be put into practice to support strategic decision-making. However, not every dashboard is made equally.

Comprehensive perspectives of a company’s financial performance—past, present, and projected future—are provided by an excellent CFO dashboard. In a couple of minutes, you ought to be able to create financial reports with it and distribute them to the entire team. Three things need to be met by your dashboard for it to happen. It should:

  • Runoff of real-time data through integrations with key source systems
  • Be flexible enough to alter the time and drill-down settings so you can answer ad hoc questions
  • Grow with your business as it matures by providing access to more advanced metrics 

Types of Dashboards: 

Profit & Loss Dashboard

The revenue, cost, and spending totals for the designated periods are compiled on the profit and loss dashboard. The ERP system at your business is the source of this dynamically updated and displayed data. To view distinct accounts at different degrees of detail, users may rapidly pick and filter data. As an analyst, you may go through several data layers to determine which elements are influencing performance in a favorable or bad way, and then you can take appropriate action.

Cash Flow Analysis Dashboard

Being a steward of the company’s capital is one of the most significant responsibilities of any financial chief. This is the reason why having a reliable dashboard for cash flow analysis is crucial. You can see both the high-level and detailed views of the money coming into and leaving your company with this example of a CFO dashboard.

Operational Efficiency Dashboard

The capacity of your organization to steer the firm toward efficient, sustainable development is crucial during a recession. Having a CFO dashboard that is just used to monitor capital efficiency might provide you with the information you need to strategically discuss weathering the storm with business partners.

Customer and Supplier Ledger Dashboards: 

These offer detailed control over customer and supplier transactions, displaying metrics like open entries, average days of credit, and overdue payments​​.

KPI Overview Dashboard: 

Adaptable to show the business’s most important KPIs, allowing for targeted analysis without overwhelming users with data.

If functionality is lacking, customization is meaningless. Dashboards provide you the power to easily share your financial reports with all relevant parties, tailor them to your company’s specific needs, and convey the complete narrative of your business’s success.

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