Understanding What Thermage FLX Is All About


Without the necessity of needles or surgery, thermage flx has tightened skin, eliminated wrinkles, and enhanced the appearance of skin. The synthesis of collagen and elastin is increased by radiofrequency heat. Wrinkles are reduced by this, irrespective of skin type. Thermage has shown advantageous in a number of clinical studies. After just one treatment, patients’ skin texture and skin tone continued to improve for several months.

In review thermage flx (ร้อยไหม Aptos คือ, this is the term in Thai), patients who received two treatments also felt well. For all skin types and ages, this approach is safe and effective. Prior to surgery, it is critical to understand the advantages and hazards.The advantages of thermage outweigh its drawbacks. If someone wants to get better skin without having surgery or injections, this sounds like a great option.

How Does Thermage Work?

Thermage heats and damages the skin’s deeper layers by means of radiofrequency (RF) energy. With gradual effects, you will be able to achieve the following benefits to your skin:

  • Tighter skin
  • Smoother skin
  • More toned skin
  • Younger-looking skin

Thermage can enhance the effects of other procedures, such microneedling, by encouraging the formation of collagen over time. Each patient will respond differently to this treatment due to differences in skin elasticity and composition. It is significant to remember that younger individuals with skin that still has some of its natural suppleness tend to have the finest anti-aging outcomes. Additionally, there is always a chance of mild post-treatment bruising, swelling, or redness, although these side effects normally go away in a few days or weeks.

Is it a safe procedure?

Thermage is generally considered a very safe non-surgical alternative for skin tightening and rejuvenation, especially when carried out by a qualified specialist. The procedure’s short-term discomfort and recovery period may be outweighed by the procedure’s long-term benefits.

How soon will you notice the effect and how long will it last?

While the effects of a thermage therapy may be felt right away, it may take a few weeks to see the whole picture. After the first session, you will immediately see the difference, especially in problematic issues of the face such as wrinkles, fine lines, and discoloration. Skin toning, wrinkle reduction, collagen synthesis, and tightness may all get better with time. Patients with deeper wrinkles or significant sagging may need many Thermage sessions. For many people, a single session improves skin texture. With no downtime or surgery required, Thermage lasts six to eighteen months, depending on age, lifestyle, and natural aging factors.

There are no risks involved in general surgery because neither sedatives nor anesthetic are employed. This is fantastic news for skin treatments that are both gentle and effective. Keep in mind that not every patient will recover from surgery in the same way. Frequent maintenance procedures could lengthen Thermage effects and lessen the necessity for surgical procedures. All of us may want to look and feel better in order to live happier lives. Without requiring surgery, Thermage FLX procedure is a non-invasive procedure that can rejuvenate and restore skin tone.

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