Learn how physiotherapy can help you get past pelvic-related issues


With increased lifestyle issues and stressed work-life balance, most people are undergoing many physical issues that need immediate attention. 

Most of these physical issues arise from lack of proper exercise and also due to prolonged unhealthy dietary conditions. But in the case of pelvic floor issues, the reasons for its inception can also be due to hereditary conditions. 

The pelvic floor muscles are those muscles in the pelvic area that support functions like urination, defecation, proper sexual functions, etc. 

If you are someone with pelvic floor disorder (PFD), then it is about time you get immediate medical attention. 

The most effective pelvic floor disorder treatment is proved to be pelvic floor physiotherapy

  • The involuntary leakage of urine and feces is the biggest repercussion of pelvic floor disorder. 
  • Decreased sexual performance is another major issue of pelvic floor disorder. 

Your only chance of escape from such conditions is through a dedicated physiotherapy treatment process that can assure lifelong results.

Steps involved in pelvic floor physiotherapy

The main reason behind pelvic floor disorder is when the pelvic floor tissues or connecting muscles are weakened or distorted. 

There could be many causes for this condition to occur like constipation, lack of exercise, being overweight, etc. 

So once you have decided to take a physiotherapy treatment, then you are bound to go through many steps before betting the desired result.

  • A physiotherapist will first examine you. The examination is minimally invasive, yet they will need to examine you internally with various equipment and tools.
  • You have to tell the physiotherapist about all your difficulties without hiding any details. Then only the therapist can help you fully.
  • The therapist will then chart an exercise plan for you considering your level of physical fitness and age. 
  • Along with periodic exercise and massage treatments, diet is a crucial aspect of pelvic disorder treatment. Being overweight is a major reason behind pelvic floor disorders. So controlling your body weight will be a major step in pelvic floor disorder treatment.
  • Once the clinical treatment is finished, you are again supposed to adhere very strictly to the diet plans and exercise routines prescribed by the therapist. Good therapists like the ones at Integral Performance will be able to reward you with the best possible result which is both affordable and long-lasting.

These are the major things to remember before you start physiotherapy for pelvic floor problems you might be facing. 

Always remember to choose the best therapist since wrong hands can cause lifelong issues that may be irreversible. 

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