Is Teeth Whitening a Safe Procedure in Willowbrook, IL?


A beautiful smile makes a good first impression and increases your self-confidence. If you are like most people, you probably want to have a whiter and brighter smile. Thankfully, teeth whitening lets you get this dream smile conveniently and easily. However, is teeth whitening safe? A Willowbrook, IL family dentist would say that teeth whitening is safe when performed correctly. Keep reading to understand the process and how to have your teeth whitened:

What Do Teeth Whitening Products Contain?

Teeth whitening agents come in many forms. A bleaching mixture can have around 10 percent Carbamide peroxide, which yields 3.5 percent hydrogen peroxide as your whitening agent. Over-the-counter whitening systems, such as generic teeth trays and strips, use carbamide peroxide. 

Whitening toothpaste contains a polishing, abrasive or baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to help get rid of tooth stains. Also, a small amount of hydrogen peroxide is added to whitening toothpaste. 

Meanwhile, professional teeth whitening is performed in a dental office, and it involves the use of a safe concentration of hydrogen peroxide for better, longer-lasting results. Other teeth-whitening processes make use of ultraviolet light. 

How Safe is Teeth Whitening?

If carried out properly, teeth whitening is safe for anyone. The chemical used for whitening the teeth are in small quantities. Also, these chemicals are not harsh, making them harmless for humans. But since teeth whitening may cause irritation if not performed correctly, it’s best to have it done by your dentist. 

How to Best Whitening Your Teeth

When not used properly, teeth whitening products can cause tooth sensitivity, pain, or gum irritation. Also, using over-the-counter teeth whitening agents frequently and poorly fitting teeth trays can lead to irritation and potential enamel damage. To safely get your teeth whitened, have it performed at your dentist’s office. A good dentist can evaluate your teeth, check your health, and clean your teeth to determine the best teeth whitening method for you. 

Depending on how white you want your teeth to look, your dentist can adjust the strength of the brightening agents they use and the time necessary to complete the process. Professional teeth whitening allows you to get the desired results quickly. These results will last longer than other whitening methods. So, if you want to get a whiter, brighter smile, schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. The best dentist provides professional whitening that will offer you exceptional results that you can enjoy for a long time. 

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