Amazing Reasons To Consider Dental Implants Over Dental Crowns?


Dental crowns and dental implants are one of the most used methods of restoring the appearance of teeth. The ground is a cover placed over a damaged tooth to fix its appearance. It helps in fixing damaged and chipped teeth. Dental implants are surgically placed to treat lost teeth. It is used to mimic the look and functional abilities of the original tooth. However, if you aren’t sure about choosing between both, it is crucial to be aware of the basics. Make sure to consult a family dentist in Fishers, IN, for more information. 

Dental implant -an overview

Dental implants are used to replace teeth. It helps in the replacement of the lost tooth. On the other hand, crowns are added to natural teeth to fix their appearance. Implants Are metal posts that are used for the tooth root. The sizes and shapes are similar to metallic screws. It is placed in the jawbone. The post helps in fastening the dental implant. Along with that, an abutment is placed on top of the implant. After the gum tissues are covered, a crown is placed through it, and an implant is finally installed. 

Dental implants and their advantages

There are various kinds of benefits provided by dental implants. They generally last for a long period as compared to dental bridges. Implants are highly effective and strong alternatives for replacing the natural tooth. They also help in the prevention of loss of bone. The stimulation of the jawbone leads to degeneration of the tooth. The lack of an implant causes volume loss in the bone near the last tooth. This causes ultimate bone loss with time. 

Implants lead to the stimulation of bone growth as it helps in the replacement of tooth root as well as the tooth. It helps to restore the chewing function of teeth so that the patients can lead a comfortable life.

The loss of bone caused by other teeth restoration methods and data loss leads to sagging off the face. The lowest area of the face starts collapsing due to the gradual reduction of spaces between the chin and nose tips. It leads to the formation of lines around the mouth, thinning lips, and the chin sharpening. These changes in the face can make a person look older than they are.

Contact a dentist!

If you are unsure about which option would be better for your teeth, make sure to see the guidance of a professional dental provider. They can check your teeth and tell you the best option so that you can restore your teeth and improve The overall aesthetic of your smile. 

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